V12 Mini Twisty Glass Blunt for Dry Herbs


Package Contents

1 – V12 Mini Twisty Blunt
1 – 510 Mouthpiece adapter
1 – Silicone Adapter
1 – Silicon Cap
1 – Cleaning Brush

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Time saving “smart” pipe
Made of heat-resistant high borosilicate glass
Pack with your favorite aromatic blend of dry herbs

Directions for use: To use, simply remove the twisty screw, pack the pipe to the desired fullness (no more than 3/4 full), twist in the screw, and light. Once the V12 is lit, it stays lit, simply turn the mouthpiece from time-to-time to engage the twisty screw and eject the ash. When done, simply put the cap on to extinguish the flame, keeping the remaining un-smoked product ready for your next session.

Dimensions: 8.2 x 1.7cm
Holding capacity is approx 1.0 gram

Additional information

Weight 2 oz