Rick & Morty Pickle Rick Silicone Pickle Pipe


Are you looking for a fun, crazy, and whacky smoke pipe? Then Silicone Rick & Morty Pickle Rick pipe is perfect for you. Yes, you read it right; this is smoke pipe takes inspiration from the popular TV show Rick & Morty.

This funky silicone pipe is 4.75 inches long and comes with a multi-hole glass bowl with a carb hole in the back. The material used in this pipe is of premium quality, and the pipe comes with a promise to perform flawlessly, puff after puff for many years.

What Makes It Special?

Rick & Morty Pickle Rick Pipe has numerous benefits making it one of the best sellers of all time.  For instance, this pipe is flexible and impossible to break, making it a perfect travel accessory for smokers. The silicone used in this pipe is food grade and resistant to high-temperature.

The glass bowl inside is dishwasher safe and easy to remove and clean. All you need is to simply take the bowl out and wash it with lukewarm soap water. You can throw it in your dishwasher as well.

You can buy this pipe in a variety of fun and vibrant colors that will not fade over time. If you are looking for a smoke pipe with a durable build, this is an ideal product.

Rick & Morty Pickle pipe will be your reliable companion whether you travel a lot or lead an adventurous lifestyle.


If you are an avid pipe smoker looking for a funky pipe, get yourself a Rick and Morty Pickle Rick pipe as a durable and fun companion to enjoy a drag at home, at a party, or on an adventure.