Plastic Weed Grinder




Looking for a reliable and consistent grinder? Look no further than the 4-Layer Plastic weed Grinder with Pollen Catcher. This grinder is perfect for grinding dense nugs, and it comes with a pollen catcher to catch the finest grinds and pollen. It also has dimensions of 2.5 x 2 inches, making it ideal for taking on the go.

Introducing the best plastic weed grinder on the market! Our weed grinders are made with high-quality materials and precision engineering, ensuring a smooth, even grind every time. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, whether you’re looking for something traditional or you’re looking for a small and discreet grinder, or something larger and more powerful, we’ve got you covered. Shop today and get your grind on! Come see us today and check out our amazing selection! Shop now and get free shipping on all orders!

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Weight 2 oz