Best Bongs of 2022

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Whether you use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, you can never go wrong with a bong. A bong is a perfect accessory for solo sessions or a group hangout with your friends. If you are shopping for a bong, here are the five best bongs 2022 that you can buy today.

#1 – Mini Glass Rig Bubbler

This is a 6-inch tall glass rig bubbler water bong with a Rasta color accent. This is a classy-looking bong made from hand-blown glass, and there is a removable glass bowl included. The glass used in this best bong 2022 is high-quality thick borosilicate glass. The total weight of the bong is 2oz, so it’s perfect for carrying in a backpack.

#2 – Mini Water Pipe with Honeycomb Percolator

Made from hand-blown high-quality thick borosilicate glass, this is an 8-inch tall bong that includes a removable glass bowl. If you have a preference for US-manufactured products, this bong is just what you need. The bong has a beautifully designed bent neck with a rimmed mouthpiece. There are several built-in features, such as a honeycomb percolator and smokescreen.

#3 – Zeal Glass Bubbler

If you prefer a bong with a sleek and modern design, this zeal glass bubbler will be an ideal addition to your collection. The bong is 9 inches tall with fix diffusion downstem. The construction is hand-blown, high-quality borosilicate glass. It has an intricate zeal color accent, too. No matter where you go, you can carry this lightweight bong for your next hit.

#4 – White and Pink Sherlock

Are you a fan of the Sherlock Holmes series and love collecting fun items that resonate with the character? In that case, you are going to love this Sherlock-style white and pink glass bubbler to get high. This model is among the best bongs 2022 and comes with a zeal color accent.

If you are looking for a bong that also serves as a decor item on the shelf, this 9-inch tall bong made from high-quality thick borosilicate glass is just what you need. It also makes for a cool birthday present for a loved one or friend.

#5 – Multicolored Blue Glass Bubbler

Although we have already mentioned a Sherlock-style bong above, we could not resist adding this blue-colored beauty to the list. This is a premium quality bong that has a simple but well-crafted design. If you are looking for a small handheld bong to carry in your coat pocket or backpack, this blue-glass bubbler will come in really handy.

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